The brand

Storiatipic is a family-friendly adventure. Twin sisters Marie and Françoise work, imagine and push boundaries together, with the same passion. A family of hearts, a team that is part of the history of Storiatipic, Faithful craftsmen and manufacturers who bring quality and know-how. Storiatipic is a brand that we want to share with you.
• Authenticity. From true human relationships to ancestral knowledge
• Freedom. Passion and inspiration have no limits or borders.
• Creativity. Marie has a free creativity that mixes genres and draws inspiration from cultural diversity
« I launched Storiatipic with the audacity and passion to cr

The collection :

Each piece in this collection embodies the spirit of discovery. It encourages open-mindedness, exploration of the unknown and the search for new perspec- tives. Soft, lightweight fabrics evoke the lightness of freedom, while refined details like embroidery add a touch of sophistication to your outfit, whatever path you takeGet ready to conquer the unknown.