Inoui Editions

The brand

Behind the poetic universe of Inoui Editions, there is a friendship of two women overflowing with creativity. Lise is a stylist, Mathilde is a designer. In 1998, upon obtaining her diploma in applied arts, Mathilde got her first job in the design office founded by Lise. Immediately, the pair clicked: Lise gives the inspirations, Mathilde writes the score. Together, they collaborated with major fashion houses before embarking on the ambitious adventure of combining their talents to establish their own brand, putting design at the heart of each creation. These were the building blocks that lead to the foundation of Inoui Editions in 2009.

Inoui Editions' style :

Our inspirations are eclectic. We draw them from nature, from the street, from our history and play with styles, influences and eras, always with the intention of surprising you. Season after season, the stories we propose follow each other and answer each other. The same characters are invited to the party, appearing each time under a new light.