The brand

FUEGO is internationally renowned for the high quality and unique character of its products. Founded 40 years ago at the heart of Southern France, it captures the strength of the warm wind that sweeps over the Mediterranean and absorbs the region’s varied cultural and stylistic influences. FUEGO embodies an ideal of bold, feminine elegance. Its values are modern and timeless, based on authenticity and on joie de vivre. Flooded with light,music and perfumes, brought to life by sunlight and the rhythmic movement of the sea, these places are an endless kaleidoscope of inspiration for the brand’s creations and collections.

Fuego's style :

The Spring-Summer 2022 collection is a dreamy trip from East to West, across the Mediterranean. From its most unexpected and welcoming coastlines, to its history-laden alleys and millenarian cities, the FUEGO woman reveals herself like a mirage of light and energy. The FUEGO woman has a genuine passion for life. Her fertile and curious personality makes her the center of a large family and communi