The brand

Founded in 1968, Arche is a French, family-owned company, specialising in highly original designs for women's and men's footwear collections, for over three generations.
From drawing board to production, Arche's shoe collections are created at Château-Renault in the Loire Valley, in a workshop with a staff of 70 artisans, all of whom are experts with unique expertise and know-how that melds craftsmanship with the latest technology.
Arche philosophy is to offer "fitting footwear" in every sense of the word, designed to be an integral part of everyday living, with style that goes above and beyond fashions and fads.

The collection :


To defy gravity.
To seize lightness.
To surrender to the motion… And to ascend.
Arche signature meeting an aesthetic of weightlessness
A design beyond time, an off-ground flexibility
Arche’s Winter '24 creations guide the steps towards those blissful suspended moments.