The brand

The brand was created by Mr. BARUH IBRAHIMOF in 1998.
BARUH was born in Istanbul in a Jewish family. He studied in a French high school, he arrived in France at the age of 20. A few years later, very influenced by French fashion, he began his career in ready-to-wear to launch his brand AKHESA.
Lamb leather specialist since more than 30 years now, the brand takes its strength into its experience to offer you a large range of jackets and coats combining softness, confort and quality. The materials and skins are well selected to guarantee the durability.
Every year the brand innovates to offer modernity into leather creations.

The collection :

Expert in original leather jackets and coats, AKHESA is proud to unveil a new collection which highlight its authentic identity with a selection of unique leather and shearling designs. Easily handling the game of prints and materials mix, the brand brings to leather and shearling garments a new vision with modernity and sport touch, and a "poly' fur" line with a "larger than life" touch !