The brand

For 14 years Marie Gozard has been developing with emotion and passion Storiatipic, a brand of textile accessories, ready-to-wear and bags recognized throughout the world for its originality and unique know-how. The brand combines the use of ancestral Indian know-how and its passion for French fashion.
Each season, there is a real desire to innovate and to create colorful themes that awaken the most classic dressing room. The designer finds her inspiration in the mixtures of materials, style, shades to give products of character.

The collection :

Our new spring/summer 2022 collection is a true ode to the long-awaited freedom. Where borders are disappearing, the new world is born with even more colorful patterns. Our prints manage to awake in each city dweller his nature side with our vegetal motifs.
Imagine a collective energy in the heart of the city to find a new balance. Take back your bikes, van and our iconic 2cv to discover this new world