The brand

It’s a mother and daughter’s crazy story, who decided to act in a different way by sharing and offering a helping hand. They are fond of art and artists, and from their creations, they design a creative and colourful wardrobe. This is a brand’s crazy story which wish to fit any women, whatever their life, body or age, as long as they live their life with ART !
Our Passion : the pursuit of talents in order to design together, in our best green factoring way, colourful collections which will make you smile and feel unique. Made In Sens
wardrobe will help you to express yourself as you are

The collection :

A mix a women dressing : dresses, blouses especially, and jackets, skirts, top.
Lots of new styles
Our remaining best sellers : "Marinière" the stripe knit sweater, the RAINCOAT printed
This summer the shirt is on the top of the ground ! short, medium or as dresses, shirts in plain colour fabrics, shirt printed in coton or viscose.
80% is made in France.
All made in Coton or viscose